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School Meter empowers New York educational leaders

  • School Meter provides educators with direct and immediate answers.
  • School Meter tools enhance understanding and communication across leadership roles.
  • Founded by a New York school district board member.
District and Building Leaders
District and Building Leaders
Share Your Vision

School Meter provides context for sharing progress and goals with board, staff, and community.

Curriculum and Instruction
Improve Student Outcomes
Improve Student Outcomes

School Meter has the data you need to develop initiatives and track progress across student subgroups and buildings.

Finance and Management
Allocate Resources
Allocate Resources

School Meter provides context to inform budget development, contract negotiations, and other management initiatives.

Human Resources
Build Your Team
Build Your Team

School Meter data can help you focus professional development resources and enhance candidate interviews.

Training and Support
Training and Support

School Meter is more than a product — we provide a complete service.

  • All of our packages include training, customized to your needs.
  • You can count on fast and accurate responses to your questions.

Whether you are planning a new initiative or putting together a presentation, we are here to help.

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School Meter requires no data input from subscribers.

A School Meter account can be activated on the same day it is requested.

School Meter is available under CoSer throughout New York State from your BOCES either directly or through a cross contract.

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